Wedding Bells and Road Trips

This weekend, I am in North Carolina for a wedding. Scott’s best friend is getting hitched tomorrow, and he is the best man. I haven’t been to a wedding for a while, so I am excited for all the festivities.

We are staying in an awesome cabin for the weekend, which has a hot tub. So, there’s that. It’s a wonderful feeling to be up in the mountains, taking in all of nature. As much as I’d love to use this as a way to disconnect from technology, here I am updating the blog.

The road trip here was rather uneventful. 8 hours is going to seem like a breeze after we’ll be driving for a week to get to Portland. My road trip essentials include:

– Snacks (Pringles, Reese’s Pieces, etc.)

– Neck Pillow

– Pandora

– Good conversation

– GPS (or Siri, but she can be a bitch sometimes)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

What are your road trip essentials?

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