Road Trip Day 7


Good morning (or afternoon for you East Coasters) from San Francisco!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Once we checked out of the hotel in Venice, we walked around the Venice Boardwalk and walked down to the beautiful ocean. The Pacific Ocean is much colder than the Atlantic, but there were still tons of people swimming, surfing, sailing, and sunbathing.

IMG_1977 IMG_1973 IMG_1989Along the boardwalk, there are awesome food options, so we decided on salted caramel bread pudding and spicy rice bowls- a much needed change from our typical McDonald’s stops.

IMG_1952 IMG_1954

I wish that we could have spent all day at the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the sand and the surf reminded us of home. Thankfully, knowing our next stop was San Francisco made it slightly easier to leave.

IMG_1953 IMG_1960 IMG_1962 IMG_1964 IMG_1976

The drive to San Fran was amazing. We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway, which (as the name implies) runs right along the Pacific Ocean and is the first road on the West Coast. We then got on the 101, which also runs along the coast for some time, then through beautiful rolling hills and wineries.

IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1984 IMG_1981 IMG_1986

Today, we plan on walking around the San Francisco city, and we’re getting massages! Hallelujah. After driving for almost a week, our backs are absolutely shot, so here’s to relaxation. After, we are driving to Medford, Oregon. Since we need to arrive in Portland during our apartment’s office hours, we’ll get there mid-afternoon tomorrow and stay in an in-between location tonight. I am so ready to be home.


Road Trip Day 6 by numbers:

– 342 miles driven

– 10 old guys working out at Muscle Beach

– 2 marijuana “doctor’s offices”

– 1 hour collective wait for a gas station bathroom

– 1 amazing ocean

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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