Road Trip Day 4


Hello from the Grand Canyon! We finally made it here after an eventful day…

Yesterday morning started out great: we slept in a little, got Starbucks coffee, and headed on our merry way to Arizona. The rest of our drive through Texas was filled with windmills and lots of cows- like literally every cow that has ever existed.


We continued through to New Mexico, where our trip got a little more adventurous. I was driving along when the Check Engine light on Scott’s car came on. The car had been acting more sluggish than usual, so we were definitely concerned. The last thing we wanted was to be broken down in the middle of the desert.


After calling several mechanics, we headed to one in Albuquerque. They ran a diagnostic on the car and couldn’t seem to find a problem. Scott read that crappy gasoline can sometimes cause issues, so that may have been it.

After our detour in New Mexico, we were back on the road. The drive to Arizona was straightforward, and we were pleasantly surprised at how good of time we were making, despite the service stop. We freaked out when we saw the first sign for the Grand Canyon- knowing that a bed and sleep couldn’t be too far away.

IMG_1876 IMG_1878

We took a winding road through the Grand Canyon National Park. According to Siri, we were only 3 miles away from our hotel. At this point, however, the only landmarks were rocks and trees. There were no stores, no buildings, no lights, no anything. You know it’s a bad sign when you are 400 feet from your destination, and the only thing you see is another tree that looks vaguely similar to all of the other trees on a dark, winding road IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

Of course, we lost cell phone service as soon as this happened, so my first thought was, “we will be eaten by bears. We will die.” I then started a frantic mental count of all the water bottles in the car to calculate how soon we would dehydrate. I’ve never been “the glass half full” kind of gal.

By a miracle, I got through to our hotel who gave us directions on how to get there. We were going the right way (I think), but when the navigation is wrong and you lose phone service, it’s hard to not to play out every horror movie in your head.

Thankfully, we made it in one piece (no bear or caribou attacks). Tomorrow, we will actually see the Grand Canyon and then make our way to Las Vegas (woo!). What happens there is supposed to stay there, but I’ll be sure to share at least a few details!

Road Trip Day 3 by numbers:

– 710 miles driven

– 5,486,792 rocks

– 3 McDonald’s stops (for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. No shame.)

– 1 Check Engine light

– 1 hour of People’s Court and other crappy daytime television at the car place

– 1 awesome Lana Del Rey Pandora station

photo 2

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