Road Trip Day 1

Today, Scott and I are embarking on our epic cross-country road trip! I can’t believe this day is finally here after months of planning, days of packing, and immeasurable sweat and tears.

I am finally transitioning from feeling overwhelmed to feeling excited. There are countless factors to consider in any move, but moving to a different state, or in our case, across the country, the factors become more daunting.

In the last few days we:

– Packed and cleaned my apartment and Scott’s apartment (18 boxes in total)

– Sold my car

– Bought a new computer (for better blogging on the road)

– Attended a wonderful going away party with my entire family

– Had a going away lunch with close friends

I’m emotionally drained and physically exhausted, but I could not be happier about today. This is the moment Scott and I have been thinking and dreaming and praying about since March. Today, my life changes. Today, I start a new chapter.

It will be strange leaving Gainesville and Florida behind, but I’m confident in this great adventure.

Our road trip will last about a week, and our tentative plan is as follows:

– Tonight: Jackson, MS

– Tomorrow: Amarillo, TX

– Wednesday: Grand Canyon, AZ

– Thursday: Las Vegas, NV

– Friday-Sunday: Los Angeles, San Francisco, CA

– Monday: Portland, OR

We could take a shorter route through some less than ideal (read: crap) states, but figured if we’re going to drive across the country we might as well make the most of it. I am thrilled about the Grand Canyon stop, as well as Las Vegas. I already bought us tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil “O” show at the Bellagio hotel.

If anyone has any suggestions on stops we should make, things we should see, and/or places to eat, please share!

All this week will be special-edition posts for the road trip. I’m hoping to post every day with pictures of all our experiences, so stay tuned!

A special thanks to all family and friends who have been supportive of this journey. Every kind word, every card, every hug, and even every tear has meant so much to us both. We love you <3 


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