Portland Update: One Year


Today, we celebrate living in Portland, Oregon for ONE YEAR. A year ago, we ended our epic, cross-country road trip and finally arrived home.

It definitely seems unreal. I keep thinking that there’s no way that I’ve lived across the country from everything and everyone I know for an entire year. But, I have. And, I’m so happy.

The best way I can describe how I feel about Portland is this: When I visited for the first time in March of 2013, I felt as though I had found something that I had been missing my whole life. All of a sudden and very overwhelmingly, I felt home in a way I never felt in Florida.

Very few people are actually from Portland. Most of us are transplants- coming from all over the United States to experience this same feeling- a feeling of peace, wonder, acceptance and adventure.

I wake up every day with bountiful thankfulness. I don’t know why I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to live here, but I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.

portlandOregon is the most amazing state. Its beauty makes my heart stop daily. The retainment of natural beauty is something I rarely witnessed living in Florida. I’ve learned that there’s so much more than Disney World, giant malls and consumerism. There’s real happiness in beautiful experiences of the natural- a happiness that lasts.

oregon coast

Florida will always be special because of all of the special people that live there. I knew from a very young age, however, that I was meant for more than living there forever. I feel like a true Oregonian now, which is weird and amazing all at once.

We have been so blessed to have had our closest friends and family visit us here. I think they were tired of hearing about how awesome it is here and decided to see it for themselves! Scott’s parents are coming in a couple weeks, and my Dad is visiting in August.

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Scott and I have explored what seems like a lot here, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve hiked, snowboarded, traveled to the Gorge (in Washington) and fallen in love with the Oregon Coast. We even braved some serious snow!

We’re an hour away from a giant mountain and an hour away from the beach. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

oregon portland oregon oregon coast oregon gorge

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It hasn’t been all about the fun though! Scott and I have been working very hard, developing both personally and professionally. I’m working as a body language trainer/speaker and Community Manager for an absolutely amazing organization, called the Science of People. I have the opportunity to attend awesome events, meet really cool people and learn about how people work.

science of people

I’m also VERY excited to announce that Scott and I started our own business! After several different ideas and lots of conversations, we have started a social media and event management service for small businesses. Check us out here.

the live bakery

And yes, our company name is a play off our last name (Baker)! We’re currently working with an amazing program called For the Love of Honduras. Family friends of ours who design beautiful jewelry have partnered with underprivileged women in Honduras to restore peace, financial stability and hope in their lives. Together, they have designed and crafted hundreds of pieces of jewelry.

The online store for these pieces opens THIS SATURDAY, July 12th. Support this wonderful cause by purchasing a beautiful piece or by sponsoring a program student here.

for the love jewelry

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I couldn’t consider myself a true Portlander without succumbing to at least a few of the stereotypes. Scott and I tried out veganism for 3 weeks a couple months ago, and since then, I have fully adopted a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle (vegan during the week, vegetarian on weekends). This has been an absolutely wonderful transformation in our lives. I struggled with many intestinal issues all of my life, but since eliminating meat and limiting my dairy intake, I’ve felt better than I ever have.


We also wouldn’t be true to our city without getting tattoos (obviously).


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And finally- Scott and I got married this year! While the wedding was technically in Florida, the planning happened alllll the way across the country.


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Whew! I think that’s a wrap. It’s been one hell of a year, and the best year of my life to date. I’m hopeful for what our future holds here. It hasn’t gotten any easier being so far from our loved ones, but the visits, the cards, the calls and the thoughts make it all okay.

Here’s to another wonderful year. Cheers!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” — Walt Disney


Peter Baker

about 4 years ago

Nice work. It is great to feel you always belonged somewhere. See you Thursday!!



about 4 years ago

Ah, this makes my heart so happy! So blessed to have experienced your beautiful city! Thank you for showing Taylor and I why it's such a loveable place. We will see you soon <3



about 4 years ago

Wow a year ago my baby girl moved across the country with the love of her life. Couldn't be more proud of each of you.. So glad your healthy and happy. And can't wait to visit again. CJ and I both want to move... After this rain and heat I'm ready today. Portland ready.. haha.. Jewelry who is making it??? Love your new company name... Can't wait to see the stuff... Love you much xoxoxo


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