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Road Trip Day 8


Today, we are going home! It has been such a wonderful/tiring/exciting/crazy week. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience so many things and places in such a short amount of time. As amazing as it has been going and doing every day, I am so ready for normal. I want to go grocery shopping and sleep in my own bed and get settled.

The moving company is coming on Wednesday with all of our stuff, so we’ll be with the bare essentials for a little while longer. We plan on going to IKEA tomorrow to get furniture and other items.

Road Trip Day 7


Good morning (or afternoon for you East Coasters) from San Francisco!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Once we checked out of the hotel in Venice, we walked around the Venice Boardwalk and walked down to the beautiful ocean. The Pacific Ocean is much colder than the Atlantic, but there were still tons of people swimming, surfing, sailing, and sunbathing.

Road Trip Day 6


Yesterday, Scott and I drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. The best part of the drive was seeing the temperature decrease from 115 to 75 degrees! After being in the desert for days, seeing trees and grass was very welcoming.


Our hotel is in Venice Beach, and we have a partial view of the ocean. Even being so over-exposed to the ocean while in Florida, seeing the Pacific Ocean is amazing. We’re planning on walking around the boardwalk and going down to the beach today.

Road Trip Day 5


Yesterday was by far, the most exciting and crazy day of this road trip. We started the day by going to the Grand Canyon. I wish that I could find the words to express the beauty of this landmark, but nothing I could say would do it justice. At the first lookout, my eyes immediately filled with tears. It was the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen.

I kept looking around, expecting to become underwhelmed eventually, but it never happened. I could have stared at the Canyon for hours, days even, and it would not have lessened in awe-inspiring beauty.

Road Trip Day 4


Hello from the Grand Canyon! We finally made it here after an eventful day…

Yesterday morning started out great: we slept in a little, got Starbucks coffee, and headed on our merry way to Arizona. The rest of our drive through Texas was filled with windmills and lots of cows- like literally every cow that has ever existed.